TangoIntensivo™ Session Waiver

We require each student to sign the below form and return to us on the first day of your session in Buenos Aires.


“Dance of the Heart (Brian Dunn & Deborah Sclar) together with Luciana Valle (hereinafter collectively known as “the organizers”) are organizers of the TangoIntensivo™ Sessions.”

“The organizers of the TangoIntensivo™ Session(s) have contracted with Argentine tango assistants (hereinafter known as “the organizers’ assistants”) to provide tango expertise for participants in the TangoIntensivo™ Sessions.”

“I recognize and understand that participation in the TangoIntensivo™ Sessions is voluntary and that participants incur risks by participating, including the possibility of death or injury, including exacerbation of any existing injury or injuries. To the fullest extent permitted by law, I hereby waive any rights I may have to sue the organizers or the organizers’ assistants with respect to personal injury or property damage suffered by myself as a result of my participation in this event and hereby release the organizers and/or the organizers’ assistants from any liability for such injury or damage. I understand that I am responsible for my actions while I may be participating in the TangoIntensivo™ Sessions and on the grounds of the event host, and that I am solely responsible for deciding whether or not I choose to participate or continue to participate in the event.”


“I understand that participation in the TangoIntensivo™ Sessions is a privilege, and is conditional in part on my behavior before and during the TangoIntensivo™ Session(s). I understand that, while the organizers seek to provide me with excellent products and service, the organizers are obligated to keep the welfare of the entire group of students and assistants of the TangoIntensivo™ Session(s) as their highest priority, and that as a result, the organizers will have sole discretion about my continued participation in the TangoIntensivo™ Session(s). I agree that, should it in their view become necessary at any time and for any reason whatsoever to terminate my participation in the TangoIntensivo™ Session(s), I will agree to accept their decision to such termination, in exchange for a refund of part of my tuition to be determined by the organizers, minus costs for administrative overhead, actual out-of-pocket costs required for the continuance of the TangoIntensivo™ Session(s) in my absence, and costs for securing in advance the participation of the assistants.”


“I further understand that during these sessions, my image may be inadvertently recorded on video as part of attempts to document parts of the program for later commercial release. These commercial releases are designed to highlight the tango teachings of Luciana Valle and her assistants. I agree to allow my image to be recorded for such purpose, or alternatively, to notify the organizers that I do not want my image so recorded. If I do not want my image to be recorded, I agree to abide by the directives during the program to make sure that my image is not included. If, despite such directives, I place myself in a position to have my image recorded, such placement will constitute consent to having my image recorded for later appearance in the aforementioned commercial release. In any case, I waive the right to any compensation for the use of my image, other than the prestige of appearing in the aforementioned commercial release as a participant in the TangoIntensivo™ Sessions.”